Below is a letter submitted by BV Mayor Kenyon Courtney

December 4, 2002

Ms. Sharon Manzella Tirpak
Regulatory Branch, CESWG-PE-RE
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
P.O. Box 1229
Galveston, Texas 77553-1229
Dear Ms. Tirpak:

The City of Bayou Vista has reviewed the Final Environmental Impact Statement, Texas City’s Proposed Shoal Point Container Terminal (FEIS), received November 15, 2002. We have previously submitted our comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) by letter dated February 15, 2002, to Colonel D. Waterworth. In that letter, we specifically stated the deficiencies and unsubstantiated conclusions and findings in the DEIS regarding container truck traffic impact analysis and traffic safety issues. We also documented a lack of alternative truck route analysis, truck route mitigation proposals and analyses, and the total absence of quality of life impact analysis and reduction of personal property value analysis for the City of Bayou Vista and the City of La Marque Omega Bay subdivision.

We find the FEIS to be non-responsive to all of our DEIS concerns, comments and requests for further discussion and analysis of alternatives and mitigative measures concerning container truck routes and all associated human and environmental impacts, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Because the FEIS continues to be non-responsive to our previous DEIS concerns and requests for further analysis of this most important and critical quality of life impacting proposal, we believe the FEIS conclusions and findings to be arbitrary and capricious and in violation of NEPA.

We therefore request the Corps of Engineers (COE) to not grant this permit to the City of Texas City for the Proposed Shoal Point Container Terminal. Until all of our concerns and request for further analysis of alternative truck routes and critical quality of life impacts are properly and justifiably addressed, we will continue to oppose the COE issuance of this permit.

If you have questions, please call me at the City of Bayou Vista – City Hall, (409) 935-8348.



Kenyon Courtney

Mayor, City of Bayou Vista



cc: Governor Rick Perry

U. S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson

U. S. Representative Nick Lampson

Texas State Senator Mike Jackson

Texas State Representative Larry Taylor

Galveston County Judge James D. Yarbrough

Galveston County Commissioner Eddie Janek

Mayor Veta Winick – City of Dickinson

Mayor Roger Quiroga – City of Galveston

Mayor Kyle Campbell – City of Hitchcock

Mayor William E. King – City of Kemah

Mayor Larry Crow – City of La Marque

Mayor Jeff Harrison – City of League City

Mayor Robert Cheek – City of Santa Fe

Mayor Robin Riley – City of Seabrook

Mayor Carlos Garza – City of Texas City

Mayor Charles Everts – Village of Tiki Island

Galveston County MUD #12 Board of Directors

Bayou Vista City Council

Ellis Ortego – Bayou Vista City Attorney

Below is a letter that can be used for all concerned citizens.
If you want to make a stand in the probable lawsuits,
please send this letter to the following addresses.

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USACE, Galveston District
P.O. Box 1229
Galveston, Texas 77553

Attn. Ms. Sharon Tirpak

Subject: Shoal Point Container Terminal

Ms. Tirpack,

It seems as though our previous letters and comments have been ignored.

Our concerns are for the safety and well being of all who live in, and visit the Omega Bay and Bayou Vista subdivisions. Once the traffic begins to pile up at exit #7 off I-45 South, it will be too late. We have all seen the projected number of trucks which will enter and leave the port on a daily basis, and have been informed that the route proposed is almost right through our neighborhood. In meetings, TX DOT representatives have calculated the impact on traffic and human lives and the numbers are not acceptable.

In addition to personal safety, the noise and air pollution will affect our quality of life. This will in turn, affect the value of our property. This too, is unacceptable.

We are not opposed to the facility; we just want the trucks routed a different way.

Please consider this our form of civil disobedience, and our opposition to the proposed truck route.


(Your name goes here.)

(letter submitted by Billie Moore)

Here are the addresses to the elected officials that
individuals may wish to write concerning Shoal's Point
Governor/The Honorable Rick Perry
Texas Capital Building
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711

The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchinson
U.S. Senator
1919 Smith Street – Suite 800
Houston, Texas 77002

The Honorable Nick Lampson
U.S. Representative
601-25th Street – Suite 216
Galveston, Texas 77550

The Honorable Mike Jackson
Texas State Senator
1109 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, Texas 77504

The Honorable Larry Taylor
Texas State Representative – Member Elect
P.O. Box 1208
Friendswood, Texas 77549

The Honorable James D. Yarborough
Galveston County Judge
722 Moody, Suite 200
Galveston, Texas 77550

The Honorable Eddie Janek
County Commissioner
P.O. Box B
Santa Fe, Texas 77510

The Honorable Veta Winick
Mayor of the City of Dickinson
2716 Main Street
Dickinson, Texas 77539

The Honorable Roger Quiroga
Mayor of the City of Galveston
P.O. Box 779
Galveston, Texas 77553-0779

The Honorable Kyle Campbell
Mayor of the City of Hitchcock
7423 Highway 6
Hitchcock, Texas 77563

The Honorable William E. King
Mayor of the City of Kemah
1401 State Highway 146
Kemah, Texas 77565-3002

The Honorable Larry E. Crow, Sr.
Mayor of the City of La Marque
1111 Bayou Road
La Marque, Texas 77568

The Honorable Jeff Harrison
Mayor of the City of League City
300 West Walker
League City, Texas 77573

The Honorable Robert Cheek
Mayor of the City of Santa Fe
P.O. Box 950
Santa Fe, Texas 77510-0950

The Honorable Robin Riley
Mayor of City of Seabrook
1700 1st Street
Seabrook, Texas 77586

The Honorable Carlos Garza
Mayor of the City of Texas City
P.O. Box 2608
Texas City, Texas 77592-2608

The Honorable Charles Everts
Mayor of the Village of Tiki Island
802 Tiki Drive
Tiki Island, Texas 77554

Galveston County MUD #12 Board of Directors
2929 Highway 6 – Suite 300
Bayou Vista, Texas 77563

Bayou Vista Board of Aldermen
City of Bayou Vista
2929 Highway 6 – Suite 100
Bayou Vista, Texas 77563

Mr. Ellis Ortego
Attorney At Law
P.O. Box 419
Santa Fe, Texas 77510

In addition to our letters to the Corp of Engineers regarding Shoal Point, we should each
E-mail Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison asking her to interceed with the Corp of Engineers on our behalf. She can be reached at

Our E-mails should be individually worded but should include our concerns for safety, pollution,
traffic hazards and property values.

We have attacked the Corp at the local level but lets go after them from the top making it clear that we are not opposed to the new facility but want a dedicated alternate route in the package before permits are issued.

Good luck

Submitted on the message board by Mack McKnight




Anyone that is interested in writing a letter regarding the Shoal Point Terminal.

Write to:
Honorable Mike Jackson - 1109 Fairmont Parkway - Pasadena Texas 77504
Honorable Patricia Gray - 520 20th St. - Galveston, TX 77550
Honorable Craig Eiland - 225 FM 517 W. Suite 100 - Dickinson,TX 77539
Sharon Manzell - City of Texas City - 1801 9th Ave. N., Texas City, TX. 77590

(Information submitted by Janese Williams from BV Message Board)

Dear Neighbors:

As many of you may recall, the City of Texas City is currently trying to permit and construct a new port at Shoal Point. Last May we as a community raised concerns about this project because it will dramatically impact our way of life in Omega Bay (and Bayou Vista). While we believe that the project is generally well conceived, its construction and operation as currently designed, will result in dangerous traffic congestion and unacceptable noise impacts within our community.

Here's the problem:
By the time the container terminal is completed, thousands of 18-wheeler trucks will be choking the I-45/ Highway 6 interchange. Here are the numbers as presented by the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers (Corps) Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Year Trucks Per Day
2005 2234
2015 3723
2025 10,350

The Vast majority of these trucks will be using I-45's Exit 7 and will be traveling the feeder road directly adjacent to Omega Bay prior to turning east and heading towards the new port along highway 197. These trucks will like a cork in a bottle, blocking and interfering with all traffic to the northbound lanes of I-45 from Omega Bay, Bayou Vista and Highway 6. The Corp's own document says that this will cause trucks to stack up in the intersection for 600 to 1,000 feet. Think about that- every time you leave home, you will wait in line behind a dozen or more 18-wheeler trucks- provided that they don't run over you first.

To further express or grave concerns to the City of Texas City and the Corps, we hosted a meeting at the local MUD building on May 16, 2001 to discuss the issues. At that time, they claimed that they were seeking community input to help develop the studies that would be included in the DEIS. During this meeting, we presented an alternative that would eliminate all the impacts to our Community. We asked the City of Texas City and the Corps to consider building a special access road to the new port. A new road, running roughly adjacent to the flood control levee north of Omega Bay, would directly link the port and I-45 saving miles of additional driving for the trucks, This route would also totally avoid the impacts to any residential areas, including Omega Bay and Bayou Vista.

Even after our meeting, the sponsors of the port and the Corp's consultants failed to consider this route. This option still does not even appear on the DEIS and consequently, it will not be.

(There seems to be something missing here so I will summarize the rest.

Written comments are due by December 14, 2002 and should be mailed to
Sharon Manzella Tirpak
Regulatory Branch, CESWG-PE-RE
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
PO Box 1229
Galveston TX 77553-1229

(information submitted by Michael Bausman from the BV Message Board)




     Thanks again for the method by which we can express views and opinions and

get the word out about the impending disaster that seems to be coming to pass

even over our personal appearances and letters voicing, in a diplomatic way, our\

reasons for being very fearful of the truck route planned to access the container

port in Texas City.

     In a hearing hosted by Texas City and the Corps of Engineers,  several folks

from Bayou Vista and Omega Bay spoke about the devastating effect this planned

truck route would have on our communities.  We were courteous, respectful, and

right on target about how badly this traffic will have on the quality of life we all enjoy


     It appears that we were given lip service by some of our elected officials of the

county and by the Corp of Engineers spokesman as well as by some officials of

Texas City.  It seems as though there is no concern anywhere on our behalf.  We

must make an impact, at least on the people in our community and Omega Bay,

the GREAT IMPORTANCE of blocking this truck route project, if not the entire

project at Shoal Point. 




Please take the responsibility of your future and the value of your invest-

ment in your property and become actively involved in protesting vigor-

ously to stop this truck route plan.

     As more information becomes available, it will be posted.

  This is not someone else's big problem--IT"S YOURS-Help your-

self by being informed and helping STOP this plan.


Trust me on this--I am not CHICKEN LITTLE!

                                        BILLIE MOORE   

I just read the letter posted by Billie Moore and have one suggestion.
The letters need to be cc: to all of our US Senate and House of
Representative politicians, i.e.,
Rep. Nick Lampson
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (spelling ?)
Sen. Cornyn
Gov. Rick Perry
Lt. Gov
State Attorney General
Our State Senator
Our State Representatives
County Judge Yarborough
County Commission Eddie Janick

The last paragraph of Billies letter should mention something like:
...........that the findings in the Final EIS do not address our
concerns and requests for further analysis and therefore the findings
are not acceptable nor do we believe they meet the requirements of the
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  The issuance of a COE Permit
to build the Shoal Point Container Port, based upon the biasness and
misleading conclusions in the FEIS we believe would be an arbitrary and
capricious action under NEPA.  Therefore, until our previously
documented concerns and objections are responded too, as required by
NEPA, we recommend that the Permit not be granted.

Brenda, you must tell the Corps why they must not issue the permit,
otherwise they interpret the letters as objections only and have nothing
to do with the Corps findings and issuance of the permit to build the
Container Port.  I know it sounds confusing, but that's the way Federal
law is.

Hope this helps.

Bill Jackson, Mayor Pro Tem
City of Bayou Vista

This will ruin the fishing in that part of the bay.I do not think we should
be telling people we think the project is well conceived except for the
traffic.the runoff from shoals point and the sites to dump the dredge-spoil
will eliminate the best wade-fishing for that part of the bay.Texas City has
hid this project purposely.A lot of the people I talk to think the container
port was defeated with the Galveston-Houston port merger or the only
containerport will be at Bayport. We should be completely against it.

      Jim Kirkendall

Thanks to those that submitted this information. If there is something you would like to add please send to or call Brenda at 935-9544