Bayou Vista Canal Clean up from Ike Debris

Reminder: Pull out all
 underwater lights, crab traps, bait buckets etc.
while clean up is going on.
If you have debris  that you want picked out of the canal,
 mark it with a stick with Bright orange mark on the top.
Another way is to make a big visible sign for the workers
telling them where it is at. They will make two runs down each canal
 and try their best to get all of the debris out of the canals.

As of Sunday night, (March 1st), debris has been removed from Dolphin, Tarpon, Barracuda and Ling.
Eight dumpsters have been hauled at approximately 30 cubic yards per load

From the Galveston Daily Newspaper
February 19, 2009

By TJ Aulds

Residents who live in the canal-lined communities of Bayou Vista, Omega Bay and Old Bayou Vista may want to spend their weekend pulling their fish lights and crab traps out of the water. As soon as Monday, crews with Crowder-Gulf will start cleaning the canals of Hurricane Ike debris.

John Woodall, the manager for the Municipal Utility District No. 12, said the district is grabbing onto the county's debris removal contract with Crowder-Gulf to get the work done. The company started a month ago to clear debris from the canals in Tiki Island, San Leon and Bacliff.

Woodall said the debris clearing in the waterways would pretty much follow the pattern the utility district used when dredging two years ago. That will include all of the canals as well as the access waterway near the railroad bridge that separates Bayou Vista from Galveston Bay.

The good news is that FEMA will pick up the tab for the cleanup, just as long as the work is done by April 26.

Regular updates on the progress of the debris removal will be posted on the community's message board.

March 9, 2009 update.
So far 4 boats have been pulled out of the Bayou Vista Canals.
 Below are photos of the boat "Antique Glass" being pulled up out of the water by Crowder Gulf employee Will.

Photos taken March 4, 2009

Another boat pulled out of the canal.

Also lots of tires, propane tanks, a sewing machine

& other unidentifiable debris.

Photos & video take February 26, 2009
Crowder Gulf men hard at work cleaning Bayou Vista Canal's.
They have removed  tires, engines, chairs, mattress & as seen in photo below a boat & trailer

Click here for Video of removal of a boat trailer.

Click here for Video of removal of a boat trailer.

The Crowder Gulf
 work boat is off to find more Ike Debris.

To all involved in getting this project done
THANK YOU for cleaning our canals!

Bayou Vista Canals will be clean for
 canal cruising this Spring & Summer!