John & Barbara's house Joe & Donna Bumpas's house on Warsaw

On the roof taking photo's

End house on Bayou Vista Drive
Louis's Bait Camp Hwy 6 looking at Louis Bait camp
Water side of Fred & Tammi's house on Bayou Vista Dr. Road side of Fred & Tammi's house on Bayou Vista Dr.
Encore Motor's on Hwy 6 Paul's business on Hwy 6
Old boat ramp in front of Encore's Motors

Brenda in the yard at 159A Tarpon

Looking for the red milk crate that was screwed down on the dock for a marker on the web cam

Morning rescue of a grey boat that was by the rail road bridge Rainbow seen on Tarpon as a huge banana tree floats by
End of Tarpon, 159A, from water. End of Tarpon
Looking at Highlands Bayou & down Tarpon canal Looking down Tarpon canal from upper deck
Ducks in the yard

Water in the flower beds

Looking at the rail road bridge