* * * MARCH 22, 2008 * * * 

This started out as welcome home for one returning hero, SSG David Hefner.  But during the conversation with his wife, Jaree, it became a welcome home for not only David but also his brother,  Navy Petty Officer Third Class Matt Hefner.
SSG Hefner, 28, has been active Army for 8 years, and in the reserves for 2.  He has served our country in 3 deployments, two of which were in the Persian Gulf. This last deployment was in Sharana, Afghanistan.  SSG Hefner has renewed his commitment to our country and the US Army for another 6 years. Upon his return home, he is looking forward to spending time with Jaree, and his 5 month old daughter, Summer.
Petty Officer Third Class Matt Hefner, 22,  has been with the Navy for 2 1/2 years and been on active duty for the past 8 months on the USS Annapolis, and is home for his first leave. According to Matt's mom, Glenne, he is looking forward to enjoying our Texas weather and playing disk golf.
Please join us in welcoming home these two brothers and thanking them for their continued dedication and service to our country.  We will have a full LEO escort for them from Bayou Vista TX to their mother's house in Santa Fe for a family BBQ.

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