2012 Bayou Vista Summer Festival

May 22nd till 28th

Golf Tournament, Fishing Tournament, Parade, Swimming Pool Open, BBQ Cook-off, Pancake Breakfast

Golf Tournament

Tuesday, May 22nd at
Bayou Golf Club in Texas City
Shotgun starts at NOON ~ Scramble Format

Results to come - Check back soon

Fishing Tournament
May 23rd- 27th 2012

New This Year ~ Special 1 day Youth Bank/Pier Fishing Event
FREE One day only Saturday, May  26th
Only one award per person
The six heaviest fish will win regardless of species
Ties broken by length
Must be 12 years old or less to enter
Fish only in Bayou Vista canals and/or Highland Bayou
No boat or other flotation device may be fished from or used to get to fishing grounds.


Weight Length Fish
Joshua Pena 8.15 24.74 Drum
Luis Pena 5.49 24.5 Slot Red
Kayden Shelby 2.89 19.75 Flounder
Blake Hobson 0.74 12.5 Croaker
Madelyn Blackmon 0.54 10.75 Croaker
Beau Alphonso 0.50 10.25 Croaker

Youth with most Redfish Spots

Jessica Badgett 5 Spots

Youth - Bandit

Name Weight Length Fish
Remington Weaver 5.72 21.5 Sheepshead
Peyton Bailey 5.65 24.5 Gaftop
Brandon Henscey 4.96 24.5 Gaftop

Youth - Piggy

Name Weight Length
Grant Thiem 1.29 12.75
Tyler Morgan 0.78 11.88
Payton Bailey 0.75 11.25

Youth - Hardhead

Name Weight Length
Grant Thiem 1.94 16.25
Georgi Thiem 1.70 16.25
Payton Bailey 1.57 16.25

Teen - Speck

Name Weight Length
Kristi Carmichael 4.44 22.48
Hunter Thiem 4.27 22.88
Regan Styron 4.00 23.18

Teen - Slot Red

Name Weight Length
Madison Weaver 4.42 21.75
Raegan Styron 4.00 23.13
Haley McBroom 3.98 22

Adult - Speckled Trout

1st Place Nathan Chain W 7.03 L 26 7/8
2nd Place Bob McGlawchlin W 5.98 L 24 7/8
3rd Place Eddie Carmichael W 5.06 L 25 7/8

Blackjack Trout (closest to 21" without going over)

Wed. Mamie Western Carmichael L 20 5/8 W 3.05
Thur. John Roberts L 20 1/8 W 2.97
Fri. Sandy McGlawglin L 20 3/4 W 3.01
Sat. Bob McLawchlin L 21 W 3.14
Sun. Rick Luppens L 20 1/12 W.3.20

Adult - Redfish

1st Place Ryan Kaiser W 8.26 L 27 3/4
2nd Place Denna Badgett W 7.83 L 26 3/4
3rd Place Clint Barghi W 7.72 L 25 5/8

Adult - Number of spots on Redfish

Clint Barghi 9 Spots

Adult - Flounder

1st Place Charles Bailey W 4.36 L 21 1/4
2nd Place Jantzen Miller W 3.44 L 19 1/4
3rd Place Steve Schelby W 3.21 L 19
Adult - Hardhead
John Thiem W 2.36

Adult Lady Angler of the Day
Sponsored by Realtors

Wed. Marcy White R Deb Jamail W 5.26 L 24 1/8 Red
Thurs Denna Badgett R Jeannette Bufkin W 5.46 L 24 1/8 Red
Fri. Sandy McGlawglin R Billie Moore W 5.11 L 24 1/2 Trout
Sat. Natalie Wood R Toni Allen W 6.05 L 24 1/2 Red
Sun. Debbie Adams R Laurin Corbin W 5.46 L 24 Red



Thanks for the Free Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
at Faith Community Church in Bayou Vista.


To honor our service men and woman

Thanks to all the participants of the parade. A special thanks to Troop 246 boys, Cole Johnstone, Daniel Goodson, Mitchell Strahan & Alex Rodriquez for carrying the flags and helping out with the dedication of the flag pole.

Parade Marshal

Best Parade Auto - T.J. Aulds with Carnes Fun Bus

Best Parade Float - Saltwater Garden Club


Best Parade Bicycle/Tricycle - IV & Peyton Foster
Best Parade Golf Cart - Carol Hensley

Open (Go-karts, 4-wheeler, motorcycles) - Harry & Vickye Posey


Dedication of the flag pole by the swimming pool by Troop 246.

Names of  the BBQ Winners to come.

Winner of the
Saltwater Garden Club Chair

Curtis Jones