2011 Summer Festival
May 25th through May 29th

Golf Tournament
May 25th
at Bayou Golf Club in
Texas City.
Shotgun start at Noon.

Net proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County and The Jesse Tree of Galveston.
Wesley Marsh
Rex Lindberg
Paul Lindberg
Mark Brogden
Terry Hobley
Chris Horton
Jim Blue Jacket
Steve McKee
John Thomas
Matt Thomas
Danny Hickey
Mark Rendon

BBQ Cook-off Saturday, May 28th
1st Dirty Intentions

2nd Texas Pride

3rd Iron Horse Cookers
1st Po Boy Cookers

2nd Dirty Intentions
3rd Iron Horse Cookers
1st Smoken Barrels

2nd Texas Pride
3rd Texas Pride
Open Category
Iron Horse with his alligator wraps
Showman Ship Iron Horse Cookers

2011 15th Annual Adult, Youth &Teen
Fishing Tournament

 Wed. May 26th till Sun. May 29th

Youth and Teen Division FREE
Youth defined as 12 years old and younger.

Click here for entry form.

CATEGORIES: Hard Head, Sheep Head or Drum, Croaker, Piggy Perch, Sand Trout, Trout, Slot Redfish, Flounder. BIGGEST FISH WINS!
Teen Division defined as 13 through 16. Click here for entry form.
Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Trout and Slot Redfish.

VERIFICATION: Tournament officials may retain any fish entered. In case of tie, first fish entered wins. Tournament Director has final decision in case of protest.

1st Ava Johnson 2.16 lbs
2nd Jessica Badgett 2.03 lbs
3rd Ella Hale 1.91 lbs

Piggy Perch
1st  Peyton  Bailey 0.74
2nd Brent Theim 0.68
3rd Easen Cripps

Hard Head
1st Beau Alphonso 1.79 lbs
2nd Grant Theim 1.77 lbs
3rd Hunter Theim 1.16 lbs

1st Joshua Pena 1.93 lbs
2nd Tyler Morgan 1.01 lbs
3rd Jessica Badgett 0.91

Sand Trout
1st Brent Theim 1.39 lbs
2nd Hunter Theim 1.28 lbs
3rd Dylan Weaver 1.15 lbs

1st Lexi Flynn 4.13 lbs
2nd Jessica Badgett 1.74 lbs
3rd Ali High 1.36 lbs

Speckled Trout
1st Wyatt Luppens 4.94 lbs
2nd Jessica Badgett 2.29 lbs
3rd Tyler Morgan 1.86 lbs

1st Jessica Badgett 4.24 lbs 22/3/4 length

Teen Speck
Reagan Styron 2.01 lbs

Teen Redfish
Madison 7.05 lbs
Eleazar 5.64 lbs
Taylor 5.63 lbs

Most Redfish Spots
Jessica Badgett 6 spots

Adult Division $25.00

Speckled Trout
1st Jason Williamson Weight 6.67 lbs
2nd Kyle Jackson Weight 6.03 lbs
3rd Rick Lupens Weight 5.79

Blackjack Trout
Closest to 21" without going over
Wed. Jantet Trostmann Length 20"
Thur. Patti Grimes Length 20 7/8"
Fri. Bob McLawchlin Length 21"
Sat. Denna Badgett Length 17"
Sun. Bob McLawchlin Length 21"

1st Gary Waggoner Weight 8.76 lbs.
2nd Bob McLawchlin 8.53 lbs.
3rd William "Chillie" May Weight 8.34 lbs

1st Steve Schelby Weight 5.10 lbs.
2nd Eddie Carichael Weight 3.00 lbs
3rd Clay Witherspoon Weight 2.66 lbs

Number of Spots
1st Susan Roberts Number 10

1st Michael Williams Weight 2.02 lbs

Lady Angler of the Day
Wed. Janet Trostmann Weight 2.85 lbs.
Thur. Kaylin Barlow Weight 4.34 lbs
Fri. Kaylin Barlow Weight 7.90
Sat. Kaylin Barlow Weight 6.19 lbs
Sun. Kim Lupens Weight 3.58 lbs


Pancake & Sausage Breakfast at Faith Community Church

Saturday 28th

Serving from 7:00 - 9:00 AM

Saturday 28th
10:00 AM
Starts at Faith Community Church
Awards for:
Best Parade-Auto, Float, Bicycle/Tricycle, Golf Cart & Open
 (Go-karts, 4-wheeler, motorcycles)