Bayou Vista covered in snow
 on Christmas Day, 2004.

To watch a video of the snowfall on  Christmas Eve click snowflake.

Bayou Vista sign in snow on Christmas day.

Charles Griffin's 2 grandsons & nephew KC, Nolan & Brian.

View from Doylene Griffins front deck at 372 Ling.

Griffin's  front yard at 372 Ling.

Griffin's hot tub deck covered in snow.

Sally Cowan at 597 Warsaw, was picked for SWGC 1st place decorated home. Sally built this "Ms" Snowlady.

Donna Stoplman Pinkie snow lady (she was too young for a red hat).

Heckman's snowman at 5 N. Skimmer in Omega Bay.

Robby & Kathy Franks son Jack stand by his snowman.

Warsaw resident Bobby Macklin & his dog Buck.

Theresa Moeller's sent this photo in of a fishing snowman.

White pelicans taking in the strange site of snow in Bayou Vista marsh.

Bird house's at the Morecraft home on Marlin.

Wilson in the snow, wanting to go back to Cozumel.

Looking down at the deck at the Morecraft.

Palm tree in snow at 369 Ling

The Cotter's light house mailbox on Ling.

The Hall's yard at 369 Ling.

The Hall's boat deck on Ling.

Baxter the Hall's dog enjoying the snow.

Baxter catching a snowball from Gran, who was visiting from Pensacola.

Snow lady made with seashell's by the Tommy & Shirley Hall on Ling.

Joan Guidry made this snowman with her daughter Cheryl Bradley.

Connie & Robert Youngs grandson Zack Grantham, who was visiting from Florida.

Juan & Tammy Varea at 263 Barracuda.

Connie Young's son Rob from Pearland is having a snowball fight with Don Clayton. Don is the Young's son-in-law, who was visiting from Florida.

Zck Granthams , who is from Florida was visting his grandparents, was able to build his first snowman.

Nicole Young from Pearland, visiting her grandparents the Young's on Tarpon.

kathy & John Burleson's yard on Ling.

Ling street taken by the Burleson's.

Margarette's snow mobile on Ling.

Back yard of the Burleson's on Ling.

The Burleson's dog Dakota sniffing the snow.

The date 12/24 2004 written on the deck of the Johnstone's home.

Web cam dock at the Johnstone house on Tarpon Christmas eve.

Cole Johnstone hitting his Dad with a snowball Christmas Eve night.

Pelican flies over Highland Bayou on Christmas morning.

Cole & Mark Johnstone on the snowy deck on Tarpon.

Cole with neighbor Judy's snowman.

Mark & Salvador with their 7 foot snowman on the web cam dock at the Johnstone house, 159A Tarpon.

Gulf Coast Computers at the Bayou Vista shopping center.

Patty Peacock is snow bathing on her dock.

Andie & Richard McIntyre took this photo of George Ayalla's home.

This photos was taken from the McIntyre's boat dock between Marlin & Bonita.

Bonita  & Marshall Riedel were able to try out their new digital camera, by taking photos of the snow from the boat lift on Blue Heron.

McIntyre's cat Tango taking  it's first walk in the snow.

Cute fat cat statue on the Posey's porch.

Photos submitted by Vickey Dunn-Posey.

Photo submitted by Vickey Dunn-Posey.

Photo submitted by Vickey Dunn-Posey.

Photo submitted by Vickey Dunn-Posey.

From the boat lift of the Posey's home.

Posey's boat lift covered in snow.

Vic Geerts surfing snowman.

Vic & Louise Geerts house at the end of Pompano.

View of snow in Highlands Bayou at the end of Pompano.

Just had to include these beautiful photos of Galveston Island
taken by Steve Murphy.
Check out more of his photos by clicking on any of his photographs below.

Snow on the rock groins at the beach in Galveston.

Looking down Broadway in Galveston.

San Luis Hotel on the seawall in Galveston.

Galveston Island beach, around 61st Street.

Dolphin sculpture on the seawall, in Galveston.

Surfing snowman on the Seawall, next to the hurricane  memorial statue in Galveston.

Guidry News Service: The Online News Service snow photos.


Hope you enjoyed the snow  photos.
Happy 2005 Bayou Vista from
Brenda & Mark Johnstone at
Gulf Coast Computers
3129 HWY 6
Bayou Vista Shopping Center