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1965 - Yes, Mr. Saconas, Build it and they will come.

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1977 - Moving' on up.

Mark Johnstone's parents home.

In case you cannot read the text from this newspaper article from 1963 it reads:

BAYOU VISTA HOUSE SALE-Mr. & Mrs. George O. Johnstone, 4410 Breakwood in Houston, recently purchased this waterfront vacation home at 699 Warsaw in New Bayou Vista. Their home features two bedrooms, bath, family room and kitchen upstairs, and bath, utility and playroom downstairs. Their home overlooks a 100 foot wide canal and private fishing pier and boat ramp. Bayou Vista waterfront lots start from $2395.

Mark Johnstone (son of George Johnstone), still lives in Bayou Vista. He is the owner of  GULF COAST COMPUTER which has been in the Bayou Vista Shopping Center for over 25 years.


Below newspaper article is from January 1, 1995.
Sorry it is hard to read. Old newspapers do not scan so well.

My name is Tim Jordan I am almost 56 years old.  My parents Bill and
Corinne Jordan were among the first property owners in Bayou Vista.  They  brought their first lot there at 111 Bayou Vista Dr. when I was 3 years
 old.  When I was a teenager they sold that house and bought a new lot and
 built a new house at 311 Ling Dr.  I grew up playing on the digging of the
 canals and the construction of New Bayou Vista.  Oh, the stories I could
tell you!  They sold the Ling property in the late 1980's.
    My mother recently passed away and I have found several old Bayou Vista
 pictures that I will be sending to you soon for the Bayou Vista Then and
 Now section.   My wife and I are in the process of selling our home in San Antonio and  plan to move to Bayou Vista after we sell.

8-18-10 Thanks for sending the photos Tim.

Bayou Vista Christmas Boat parade newspaper clipping sent in by Jason Jack.

The photos & text below were taken out of "THE BULLETIN" Wednesday, July 17, 1985
It was Bayou Vista's First Fourth of July Boat Parade & Beauty Pageant

Joe Mims on the right

Tommy Thornton and Joe Mims raise the flag just prior to the beginning of the first (Fourth of July) annual boat parade. Six boats participated in the rain-soaked Independence Day festivities.

Joe Mims is one of Bayou Vista's former mayors.

Jessica Cavallo models for the judges during the Miss Bayou Vista beauty pageant on July 4.

Jessica Cavallo

Miss Bayou Vista of 1985 Leanne Fridge on the right.

Miss Bayou Vista Leanne Fridge, 14, right, and first runner up Melissa Lemke, 17, (Julie Mims sister),
pose following the pageant.

Diane Morino, Jennifer Carson, Melissa Lemke, Leanne Fridge, and Silvia Leal were chosen as the five finalist from which the judges picked the winner and runners up.

Bayou Vista beauty pagent 1985

Burt Bokemeyer won first prize in the boat parade with his entry the "MISS DANIELLE"

The winner's boat

Burt Bokemeyer (on the left) won first prize in the boat parade with his entry the MISS DANIELLE, (on the right).

Click here for photos of Hurricane Alicia aftermath from August 1983.

Below are Arial Photos taken of Bayou Vista Feb. 12, 2002.

Arial view of Bayou Vista taken 1-12-02

Arial view of Bayou Vista taken 1-12-02


Arial photos of Bayou Vista

Arial Photos of Bayou Vista

Arial photos of Bayou Vista


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