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Bayou Vista Fishing Report

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Bayou Vista Fishing Report

1971 photo of Mark Johnstone & John Holmstrom

In 1971 two teenagers
Mark Johnstone (on the left) & John Holmstrom, caught this
52 LB Drum. Mark's parents owned a summer home in BV back then. Today they are still fishing buddies living in BV as you can see from this photo (on the right) taken
June 30,2001 .

Ling & Snapper

Bayou Vista Fishing Report

Photo on left, Stone Fitzgerald (age 4) and his father Curtis. 
Stone cast, hooked, and reeled the fish in entirely by himself.
This speckled trout was caught in the canal behind Sailfish by Stone on a pumpkin, white and chartreuse Trout Killer.
Although only 13 inches long, this was Stone’s first fish caught on artificial bait

George Williams of 163 Baracuda caught this off the dock.

Residents of Bayou Vista that have bragging rights.
Just look at the photos of these whoopersnappers (as our son Cole calls them).

Sharon Pool, of Bayou Vista caught this Bull Red at Pelican Island Bridge with a Ultra Light Spin Cast with 10 lb test. The battle lasted for 45 minutes, this amazing fish was caught using live finger mullet.  This fish was mounted and is on display at Sharons home in Bayou Vista.
Here are some photos of a couple of Redfish that were caught by Dan Morgan (of Galveston)  and Mark Costa (of Redfish street-Bayou Vista). The larger fish was 42" and the "small" one was 39". Both caught at the Galveston Jetties October 2005.

Here are a couple of  photos from my recent trip to the East Cape of Baja, Mexico. Ruth Ann Marr, Texas Lady Angler on Pompano.

Joe Mims at top left holding a giant squid caught a lure.
Joe & Doug Mims with wahoo at top right and sailfish on the left.
Melissa Foster, daughter of Tommy & Shirley  Hall was one of the winners at the Bayou Vista Summer Festival in 2005. She won first place in the speckled trout division. The fish weighed in at 6 lbs. 15.8 oz. 
Jack fish caught by Ray Ankofski.
Ray Ankofski, on Sailfish caught this
28 lbs 40 inches Jack fish in West Bay, summer of 2005.
On Saturday July 23rd, 2005 a father - daughter fishing trip took place 45 miles south of Galveston Island. This was a first time offshore trip for the girls. In the photo on the right is Ricky & Kayla Tibaldo, Gary & Kelli Blecher, Joe & Kinsey Mims. They had a nice haul of Red Snapper up to 15 lbs, 3 Kings and 2 Dorado's. Father/daughter fishing trip with Ricky  & Kayla Tibaloda, Gary & Kelli Belcher, Joe & Kinsey Mims.

Brice & Glynn Walker To the left is from a father & son fishing trip with Glynn, and son, Brice Walker.  Brice won one of the Bayou Vista fishing tournaments here when he was about 13.  He is now almost 21.  They were at San Luis Pass.  Sent in by proud Mother & Grandmother,  Bonita Riedel. 7/17/05

My grandson Cole (5 yrs old) caught this big fish this week while visiting us.  It is the first time he has caught any fish at all.  This one was 28" and weighed 8 lbs.  He caught 3 others too.  Jim caught some too.  They caught them in the canal at High Noon!
Cole with Grandfather Jim Livergood.

Sam Weather George and Pattie Moore's nephew, Sam Weathers, who was visiting from San Antonio, caught this big drum in Jones Lake over the 4th of July week-end.  He was using live shrimp, the fish weighed in at 34.5 lbs. and it took Sam approximately 45 minutes to land him.  Great fun!!

A brand new resident of Bayou Vista, Baby Kenner
Hendrix of Warsaw caught his very first fish in a pond in Dickinson shortly
before moving to Bayou Vista in July of 2005. His Dad fishes as much as possible and there
will be more to follow from Baby Kenner and Dad.
Kenner Hendrix with his first fish.


Blake, in the photo on the left is holding a STAR Tournament
leading Red Snapper that weighed 23# 14oz., caught 45 miles offshore. 

Rob Walker took his 6 year old daughter Melanie out to West Bay in 2004. She caught her first red bull that weighed almost as much as her at 35 lbs. 

Cole Johnstone caught this nice 24 inch red off the dock of his house Nov. 2004.

Tommy Hall of Ling caught this 40" redfish, in Galveston Bay out of San Leon (Spring 2003). 

Robbyn White above on left with tagged bull  red fish caught October 2003, on right she is holding a trigger fish caught in Southwater Caye in Belize July 2004. Bottom left another good day of fishing in Belize and on the right trout caught June 2004.

Christie Stepchinski and Kim Bourassa in Cabo with dinner summer of 2004.

Mike Scott & Steven Scribbles, a day at the jetty.  Trout,  Sheepshead, and Spanish Macs, summer 2004.

Bill Andrews and Sam Valchar had a good evening fishing Jones Lake (Sam's Island). Biggest was this nice Trout at 27 1/2".

Joshua Doolin visiting from New Jersey with his cousin Kacie Cisneros with their Uncle Sam Valchar caught these at Sam's Island in Jones Lake 6-28-04.  The biggest trout was 27 1/2" and the biggest red was 24".  Fun was had by all.

Charlie Hart caught these nice flounders in Jones Lake while fishing with Bass Assasins in the winter of 2004.

Jerry Finch who lives on Lakeside caught 
the nice stinger on the left and the ones above in 2004.

This photo was taken XMAS eve 2003 wade fishing in West Bay. A former Bayou Vista resident, now in PA, Sue and I come south every XMAS to be with our family. Always a main part of the trip is to spend as much time as I can with our former BV neighbor Ray Chapman (now in Galveston).
Ray taught me the ropes of winter Redfishing in West Bay.
We'll be back next year!
Bill Scarborough
Mount Joy, PA


Mike Hartman (on right) with his first big yellowfin Tuna,
150# out of Venice, LA. on Jan.28th 2004.
My team (above photo),, with a 35# King at the Southern Kingfish Assoc. National Championship in Biloxi, Nov/03

Mayor Kenyon Courtney went fishing aboard "Antique Glass"
owned by Fenton Hutchison in August 2003.
He purchased this off shore trip at the BV Summer Festival Auction.
Kenyon brought along his co-worker from Creative Signs,
his brother and brother's son.

Louise Geertz caught this nice redfish in front of her house
Labor day weekend 2003. 

 Kirk Anderson and Trey Schmidt residents on Bonita
 caught this 50lb black Drum, Sep. 14, 2003

Tim Grandolfo lives on sailfish. These were caught by him when his uncle when fishing offshore rigs. The first photo is the first redfish
Tim ever caught (he just moved down here from Chicago) and the other is an amberjack he caught June 7th, 2003.

Jim Ostrom of Marlin Street. caught on
 June 14th '03 with live shrimp. 5lbs. 26 inches

Ray Simpson & friends caught the above fish  at Boom Vang 130 miles south of Freeport April 2003.  


L. D. Robinson from 1141 Sailfish caught this 150# bull shark (approx) 4/27/03 offshore at Buccaneer Field.

Rocky Holland Sr. won 1st Place in
 Louis Bait Camp Tournament with this nice redfish
 he caught February 15th, 2003.
Rocky Holland Sr.

Stephen Wilson Stephen Wilson caught this Dorado in Cancun Mexico about a mile offshore summer of 2002. It put up a fight for about 30 to 40 minutes & weighed about 45 to 50 pounds!

The fishing lady on Blue Heron, Beverly Bielamowice caught this 8lb. redfish, 2002. Beverly Bielamowice

Jim Kirkendall Jim Kirkendall
Jim Kirkendall has some bragging rights from the summer of 2002.
The King Fish (above on left) weighed 34 lbs. & was caught 20 miles offshore off of Galveston.
The trout & redfish came from the South Jetties & wade fishing by Pelican Island.

Jim Kirkendall Jim Kiirkendall

Cindy Golian &  Vicki Howard. Nice snapper Cindy (on left) & Vicki (on right)

caught off shore from Freeport

aboard Joe Mims boat Oct. 11, 2002.

Here's the 39 lbs. Kingfish Mike Hartman (on right) caught during the Teakwood SKA Tournament. Mike placed 2nd overall and 1st in Class of 23. He says "It was a good finish to a slow tournament season for us". 39 lb kingfish caught by Mike Hartman

Ed McKenzie & Billy Gibbons Ask Ed McKenzie, who everyone knows from Vista Video about his fishing trip with Billy Gibbons (from the group ZZ Top).   By the way Ed, What did yall catch?

From left to right, Wayne, Jim, Tep, Mike & Bob

show off their nice red, king & dorado's

they caught 50 miles off shore Oct. 2002.

Oct. 2002

Bill Kelly & Sid Tyra Speckled trout
Bill Kelly of Bayou Vista & Sid Tyra have been fishing
three times at night & have limited out on the specks each trip.

Marty holding his 22 lb Dorado Hutch holding his 43 pd Ling
A  22 pound Dorado & 43 pound Ling were caught
by Fenton "Hutch" Hutchison & his nephew Marty June 15, 2002.

Vic Geerts Trey Geerts
Vic Greetz & Grandson Trey caught these nice speckled trout weighing 4 and 6 pounds in June 2002.

TJ Folk landed this nice red for the fishing tournament. This is the redfish that TJ Folk caught.
She won 2nd place for the Lady Anglers prize of $100 during the Summer festival Fishing Tournament 2002.         

Ross caught this fish in November right in front of his house on Bonita. Ross & his big flouner

Carl Gottselig caught this Gar 5-6-02

Gar caught 5-6-02

Caught at 1115 Redfish on piggy perch. By Carl Gottselig, Monday, May, 6th, 2002 around 7pm

Joe Mims & Vic Geertz

Joe Mims & Vic Greetz show off there off-shore catch from 10-20-01. They caught over 100 red snapper, keeping 4 each. Joe caught the 17 pound Dorado on a 10 LB test line.

Vic Geerts caught this in front of his new home

Vic Greetz caught this nice flounder
in front of his house.

Cole Johnstone

Christine's 1st redfish

Cole Price Johnstone catches a croaker with his new fishing pole &
Christine Hegman catches her 1st redfish.

Brenda Johnstone

Austin Bumpas

Brenda Johnstone catches a nice trout &
Austin Bumpas displays a nice red both caught on Tarpon.

Jim Hauser 25 years ago

Jim's record shark catch 25 years ago.....
no it was not caught in the canal!

Vicki Howard holding spanish mack

Vicki Howard (holding the fish) & Cindy Golian caught 4 Spanish Mackerel, & 7 Trout recently at the end of  North Jetty.

Red eating bait

Your bait just can't be to big!

Debby Wilkie

Joe & Debby Wilkie of Bayou Vista caught these nice 25" & 27" redfish at Old Intercoastal between Deer Island & Greens Cut.

Bayou Vista Fishing Report