First Annual Kewl Kar Show

May 4th 2013


Bayou Vista Youth Group would like to thank the Volunteer Fire Department, Paula and Dale Eshelman, Trey and Valarie Zimmerman and everyone that participated in our 1st Annual Kewl Kar Show.
Next year we want to include Motorcycles and Golf Carts and hope you will join us.




Jerry Matthews Loudest Car Stock Car - 1999 Monte Carlo
Michael McCollum 1st Place ~ Truck 1995 4x4 Chevrolet
Kerry Harrington 2nd Place ~ Truck 1985 S-10 Chevrolet
Jordyn Zimmerman 1st Place ~ 1980-99 Import 1993 RX-7 Mazda
Ricke Shelby 1st Place ~ 1979-Pre Import 1961 VW Dune Buggy
Jeff Fish 1st Place ~ 1960-1979 Domestic 1972 Dart Swinger Dodge
Ken Peacock 2nd Place ~ 1960-1979 Domestic 1966 Galaxie Convertible Ford
Terry Mallory 3rd Place ~ 1960-1979 Domestic 1968 SS Camaro
Terry Mallory Best Truck 1971 CIO Chevrolet
Joe Mims 1st Place ~ Pre 1959 1934 3 W Coupe Ford