Bayou Vista 2nd Annual New Years Bash
 to raise money for the Volunteer Fire Department.
Smooth Sailing into 2010!

Donna Bumpas, Henry & Sylvia Binnings

Colleen & Doug

John & Vic

Thank You's

I would like to say a Big Big Thank You the following people and Company's.

First to my committee, Nancy Boling, (Omega Bay) Paula Eshelman (Bayou Vista), Susan Flanagan (BV), Jeanne Kidwell (BV) Gwen Megale(OB), Cindy Nenninger (BV), Penny Salter (BV), Collen Sweeny (BV), Wanda Thomas (BV), Debbie Westfall (BV), Edith Willianson (BV) and Dianna Wilson (BV). To all the Husbands who joined end and toted and lifted and helped in the bar Steve Boling, Dale Eshelman, Ed Flanagan Mike Megale, Bill Kidwell, Rick Nenninger, Bob Thomas, Mr. Williamson, and Richard White.

A standing Ovation to all our Sponsors.

MUD 12 (Building and Table )
Summer Festival (500.00 donation)
Vista Realty (T-shirts, Table and 4 Firefighters)
Comiskey Capital (Champagne toast)
Drapery Montage (Beautiful Sails)
3rd Friday Dinner Club (table)
Don McClure (table)
His Construction (table)
Mayor Ed Flanagan and Susan Flanagan (Table and ICE )
Neptune Properties (table)
Saltwater Garden Club (table)
Wise and Company (table)
Penny Salter Properties (Ice Buckets)
Mike and Cindy Turner (Table)

We had great Silent Auction Items thank to the following: San Luis Resort Hotel, David Wilson Farmer Insurance, Quality Inn Galveston, Ben Reyna Musician, Reilean Rum, The Frog at Home, Dianna and Darrel Wilson, Barely Tarnished, Chris Roper, Serious Tackle, Dianne Hunt, Big Star Cleaning, Hair Craze, Gulf Coast Computers, Danny Wagner, Monograms and More by Jackie, Pampered Chef Mosette Davis, JBC Home of the Goober, Richard and Marcy White, Bill and Jeanne Kidwell, Lee De Forke, Tanya and Mike Russo, Bayou Vista Liquor, U Dirty Dog. Troy Allan Musician, Susan and Ed Flanagan, and Ed and Sandra Lucas.

I want to thank the following for sponsoring the Firefights, Ron Mlcak, Jeanne and Bill Kidwell, Greg Harrington, Colleen Sweeny and Doug Miller, Ed and Sandra Lucas, Paula and Dale Eshelman, Ross Leago, Brenda and Mark Johnstone, Tanya and Mike Russo and Vista Realty.

To all the People of Bayou Vista and Omega Bay who buy tickets and Bid on all the items. That support our wonderful Fire Department.

Last but not least My Husband!!! Who losses me for the month of December, puts up with my mood is banished from his man cave while I have meetings and store all the stuff I buy and collect. For not getting Mad at the money I put out and wait for till the event.

If I have forgotten anyone I'm Sorry I try to remember all.

Tanya Russo
Event Chair

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