Bayou Vista Annual 
Christmas Boat Parade

December 11, 2004

This year's boat Captain's and elves did a superior job of decorating. Lots of hard work went into making the boats shine & sparkle as they cruised the canals. I know the Salt Water Garden Club members must have had a hard time deciding upon who to vote for to received a trophy. I want to give a big THANKS to SWGC member George Ayala. He made a HUGE pot of the best chili I have ever eaten. The boaters were able to chow down on a great bowl of hot chili after the parade was over and I heard lots of complements on it. Thanks George!

Boat number 5, owned by Gerry & Mary Hart with rider elf Gay Reeves, received the first place trophy. Congratulations!

Boat number 5, submitted by Dave Smith was actually two boats transformed into a smoke blowing train. Dave along with Debra, Scott, Susan Janet, Parker & Jody received the second place trophy. Great Job everyone!

Boat number 7, owned by Raymond Ankofski won the third place trophy.
Raymond's boat was pulling the Santa bear, as shown in the photos below.
It looked great!

Tiny Tim trophy went to boat number 9 owned by Travis Bleakney. Riding along were Gary Bertiling, Shawn Wilson,  & Erica Simpson . These guys are hanging onto their title "Tiny Tim" for the third year in a row and having fun at doing it!

Bobby Macklin's tribute to the troops boat.

Steve Whatley did an outstanding job with his toy truck on top!


Paul & Sonya Hershey's boat.

Drew Mansfield's sleigh boat.

Dec. 26th , Bobby Ballard's boat.

John Holmstrom's decorated boat.

Ed Buchanan's decorated boat.

Randy Rhoades decorated boat.

Bobby at sunset.

Rachel with her friends from Santa Fe Tribal Bells.

Paul & Sonya Hershey's decorated boat.

Bobby Macklin's tribute to the troops boat.

Snowman on top.

David Smith's train boat.

Steve Mountain's boat.

Gerry & Mary Hart's 1st place boat

Red, white & blue boat # 18.

Boat # 18.

Boat 6 owned by Steve & Nancy Boiling.

Tiny Tim winner.

Annie Tinniey great boat car!

Annie & Dreamy's Sea of Dreams car!

Steve Brown pulling his decorated paddle boat.

Steve Brown's boat

Bobby Macklin with his tribute to the troops boat!

Bobby Ballard's Dec. 26th boat, with Santa having a cocktail! Love it!!!!
The most originally decorated boat! 

Steve Whatley's great toy truck!

Steve Mountain's boat.

Travis Bleakney's Tiny Tim boat.

Sleigh boat

Blowing smoke. 2nd place boat.

2nd place train boat.

John Holmstrom's boat.

Santa Fe drill team girls

These beautiful Hawaiian girls were dancing on the boat to the left. They also did a special performance after the parade for all the boaters.

Steve Brown's boat.

2nd place boat.

Bobby's beautifully decorated boat.

1st place boat.

Bear being towed.

John's boat being towed!

What Santa does on Dec. 26th.

Mark doing his tap dance routine.

Salvador on his drums playing Santana.
You never know what will happen at the Johnstone's parties!

We have so many people to thank. Without their help we would not be able to have such a wonderful parade every year. Mickey & Judy Grove of Mickey's Marine donated the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies. Billie Moore of Neptune Properties donated the Tiny Tim award. We try to get a donated prize for each registered decorated boat owner to win. We feel its the least we can do for all their hard work that they put into making the parade what it is every year. I think it was one of the best ones we have every coordinated. 
Below is a list of the donors and folks that won the prizes.

Kirk Howard was able to get us a two nights stay at the , be sure to check out their New Years Eve Party. Detail are on the index of  The winner of this two night stay at The Victorian in Galveston is Dave Smith.
Gerald Anderson of Boyles Anchors in Pearland donated two anchors. Steve Boling won the 6 lb anchor & Drew Mansfield won the 9 lb anchor. 
Leo's Cantina owner Lee Ayala donated four gift certificates to his fantastic resturant. Winners are Kirk Howard, Steve Brown, Bobby Ballard & Gerry Hart.
Bobby Macklin won the Academy gift certificate donated by store manager Mike Kimball.
Robert Lackey, owner of Air by Lackey donated a Red Lobster gift certificate,  won by Paul & Sonya Hershey.
Mark & Brenda Johnstone, owners of Gulf Coast Computers donated a gift certificate, won by Robin Rothrock.
Carl Davis, owner of Bayou Vista Beverage donated a nice liquor basket, won by Ed Buchanan.
Ed McKenzie, owner of Vista Video's donated a gift certificate, won by Steve Whatley.
Cindy, Mario, Dean & Amy owners of Big Daddy's Smokehouse & Grill donated a gift certificate, won by John Hurt.
Nations Rent gave us a discount on generators again this year. Since we were not able to rent our normal dozen or more generators we had enough money left over to be able to purchase six Wal-Mart Gift Cards. This enabled us to be able to give each boat participant a prize. A special thanks goes to Ruth Bale, Jim Murphey and Debbie & Fenton Hutchison for their contribution. 
The winners of the Wal-Mart gift cards are Barry Shanefelt, Raymond Ankofski, Randy Rhodes, John Holmstrom, Travis Bleakney & Steve Mountain. Thanks to everyone that dropped their donations in the cans and the candy that was donated for the boaters. Also thanks to everyone that lent us a generator for the boaters to borrow. As I said we have so many Bayou Vista residents to thank. It was a great boat parade. If you would like to help out next year please call Brenda or Mark Johnstone at 409-935-9544. Next years parade will be the second Saturday of December, which is Dec. 10th, 2005.

Bayou Vista Salt Water Garden Club Home Decorating Contest

1st Place - Sally Cowan, 597 Warsaw
Sally cut out all her own wooden figures herself.

2nd Place - Robert & Connie Young, 81 Tarpon

3rd Place - John & Susan Tortorici, 894 Bonita