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Shrimp entry

Shrimp Entry
1st Place - Nick Stepchinski
2nd Place - NASA Nerds, Joe Gensler
3rd Place - Steve Musachia

Crab Entry
1st Place - NASA Nerds
2nd Place - Nick Stepchinski
3rd Place - NASA Nerds, Bill Spenny

Crab Entry

Fish entry

Fish Entry
1st Place - NASA Nerds, Bill Spenny
2nd Place - NASA Nerds, Scooter Sorensen
3rd Place - Roger Hueske

Gumbo Entry
1st Place - Roger Huske
2nd Place - Nick Stephchinski
3rd Place - David Jones

Gumbo Entry

Seafood Cook-off

Seafood Combo
1st Place - Fred Ceballos & Rosemary Dominguez with Budget Bail Bonds
2nd Place - Nick Stepchinski & Roger Hueske
3rd Place - Major Woody's Yucca Hut, Mark Johnstone

Overall Winners
Showmanship - Major Woody's Yucca Hut, Judy Steffins
Grand Champion - Roger Hueske
Hospitality - NASA Nerds


Thanks to everyone that donated time and effort to make this a great event for the Bayou Vista residents.


Thanks to Dienst Distributing, Bill Spenny and the NASA group for the astronaut suit, all the judges, Chris & Nick Stepchinski and Marla & Roger Hueske.

And most of all THANKS to all the cooks!