The  Meeting for the Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Fighter's Association are held every Wednesday at 7 PM at the Fire Station on Neptune Drive in Bayou Vista.

Agenda for Regular Meeting ~ September 11 at 7 PM
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Mission Statement: 

The Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Department serves to protect our community from loss of life and property by maintaining preparedness through a dedication of prevention, education, training and best practices

Department History:
Established in 1979
The department provides the following services;

  • Advanced Life Support EMS First Responder services.
  • Advanced vehicle extrication and special rescue services.
  • Junior Firefighter program.
  • Prevention education and community awareness programs.

Bayou Vista Firefighterís Association:
The Association was established to provide support to the Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Department. The Association has a Board of Directors, elected by the residences annually. The departmentís annual budget is primarily supported through a monthly donation program in which residents pay $10.00 per month on their water bill. 

The department along with the volunteers are all members of the State Firemanís and Fire Marshals Association. The association regulates and provides training for volunteer firefighters. All volunteers are required to complete the State Firemanís and Fire Marshals association training program for firefighter certification.
The departments dedicated volunteers are the backbone of the department. However the department is always looking for more members. If you are interested in volunteering with the fire department,  pick up application at Bayou Vista City Hall.

Board of Directors ~ Officers ~ Photos ~ Apparatus ~ Volunteers & Day Crew Application