In Bayou Vista - Friday, July 4th, 2003.

We had 6 paddle boats sign up for the races.


Since only one boat showed up with a motor we had them all do the obstacle course race.

There were lots of boats, some decorated, that came out to watch the fun.

Of course there were a few problems, like boats crashing into each other.

And a paddle boat that was trying to sink.

Also the intentional man over board, thinking he could drag the boat faster than paddle!

Trying to stay on course with other boats in the way.

Kathy & Rachel Reed pass the sinking boat of Jarad & Joseph Perry from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Colin Osburn & Chris Diehl take the lead from the Hershey girls.

Chris and Colin are exhausted from the race, but happy to win!

Colin Osburn & Chris Diehl won first place for Lynne & Walter Hester on Blue Heron.

Meghan & Sonya Hershey are pleased to win 2nd place prize.

3rd Place went to Kathy & Rachel Reed, who also had the best decorated boat.

A few of the spectators took on the Hershey girls to a buoy.

Of course the girls beat the guys!

Even though we had no official boat parade, dedicated folks still decorated their boat for the Fourth of July.

I think everyone really had a great time at the 1st paddle boat races of Bayou Vista.
 It is something we would definitely like to do again next year.
Thanks to all that participated in the event and a big thank you to
Billie Moore of Neptune Properties for donating the beautiful trophy,
Debra Alley of Shepard's for the leather bags, golf towels, hats/koozies/tees, Donna Harton for the beauty products
and Steve Whatley for making all the great buoys to mark the boats obstacle course.